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Based on excerpts taken from the book The Unknown Poems, the main character of this piece lives an out-of-body experience. A dark trip surrounded by shadows and fire leaving the spectator wondering the boundaries between reality and unconsciousness. By using a precise and singular choreography this piece is driven by the elegant french song from the band Odezenne.

Dancer: Daniel Chamizo

Directed by Marc Lesperut
Cinematography: Eric Oh CSC
Focus Puller: Adrià Alcalà
Camera Assistant: Andrés Martínez-Vargas
Video Assist: Xiaomei Espiro
Gaffer: Xavier González Margalef
Sparks: Anderson Ramírez / Jorge Dourado

Art Direction: Blai Carriet

Hair & Make up: Joana García

Editor: Héctor Cornelles
Colorist: Martí Somoza
Graphics Víctor Riba

Special Thanks: Espai La Poderosa,
Mónica Muntaner, Beatriz Fernández, Ferran Pifarré, Anna Casals.

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