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Year of Production: 2020



An emotional phone call from a nurse to her mother sets the tone of this short moving piece dedicated to all health workers fighting against corona virus all over the world. Aire has been featured in numerous film festivals around the world and has been acclaimed by critics for its delicacy and intimacy





Year of production: 2018


Sometimes the thrill when starting a new relationship leads to a downfall of irrepressible emotions. Our main character leaves an intimate voice message while confronting her doubts. She is looking for closure without no one else’s approval. She is now ready to move on in life.


Year of production: 2020


We walk is a moving piece that talks about the traumatic experience of what it means to run away from your roots and become an immigrant. Purposely set up in an undefined country, the main character battles against desolation and torment while thinking about his family back home. This piece portraits a story of survival, hope and wish for freedom.


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